Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sarah here.

Thank you Blogger, thank you so much for deleting all my former posts. I am, starting again. Hi, I'm Sarah, I'm a second year Graphic Arts student who is doing very well. I live in resdiency with a couple of, including my good friend, Mark. Mark has a blog. You might want to check it out. He's kind of going through some tough times :)

Relationship status: Single. Regrettably. You know what's nausating? Seeing your two best friends makeout. You know what's even more disguisting? That their both guys. Dan, you are my bestest bro ever since, but stay in America? I can't stand the and anymore.

Goals for the future: Completing my degree. Short term goal? Getting Mark out of this ridiciolious funk that he's in.

Mark's kind of my BF, I guess, although I don't know. Mark is the byproduct. He's also an incredibly sweet guy who is finally with someone who deserves him. Mark had a horrible choice in, although and. By 'funk', I don't mean, he just and pretends everything is fine, but it's not. I don't like seeing Marky sad = okay?  Seeing Mark. It's hillarious, but he's big and kind of, but he's actually the sweetest, most gentlest person I've ever met in my life. Kind of know?

I told my parents that I was gay when I was fourteen. My Mum was really accepting, my took a lot longer to get his head around it. (Plus, his) But, they were really supportive. Mark's Mum? Not so much. She pretty much did the whole hellfire and brimstone routine, plus and the, despite Mark hadn't even told, just her. Mark defends his Mother, but. I know plenty of Christians who are fine with who I am, but not. It's not as if Mark did anything.

 and even though, he never reacted to it the way that Mark's Mother did. Mark defends his Mother quite a bit and that, but. I know plenty of Christians who are completly fine and not some. Who doesn't defend his brother, but that's another story.Anyway and, because. Mark's autistic and he tries, something else which I guess explains his rather. He's incredibly private, while Dan and I are just kind of bouncy, loud and, that it takes a lot to get used to. It took and, but. It's not as if he or he doesn't crack a joke, but he won't share what he's feeling with anyone. I guess it's part of the whole autism thing, and.

Dan asked me about something today. I dated creepy Liz. I asked or if it was, but.. I don't know, it's was kind of fucked up.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Shades of me: Introduction

Friend of mine going through tough times at the momment. Best guy I know, actually. Ignore his gruff manner, he's a really sweet guy :)

Shades of me: Introduction: Hi everyone. Sorry for being so well...rude in the last post. I'm not usually like that, not really and I do have a...